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MonoSki GA!GA!GA!
Japanese MonoSki scene

This is MonoSki!

It's a monoski that's at the top of the photo, and is a general ski that's at the bottom.

MonoSki: Freestyle Fun Racing 195cm by DURET
Ski: BAD DOG 195cm by R&D (reference)
other monoskis

Monoskis :

You will be able to understand that shape, width, and so on by seeing this photograph. It took pictures with general ski to refer to it. The kind of monoski is classified in two by the form of the side cut, and they are being called " Pin tail type " and " Parabolic type ".

Pin tail :

A side cut is gentle, and it's like a straight line, and the width of tail is designed to narrow. The width of the monoski tail in the photo is narrower by 4mm than the width of the waist. Traditional monoskis take this shape.

Parabolic :

A side cut can be recognized clearly, so it has the shape which is the same as general skis. Recently, the carving type monoskis have appeared, that have tighter side cut.

Furthermore, there are another type of monoskis called "Swallow tail", and they have particular tail form that is cut in the reverse V letter shape, and tail is sharp as two corners .

Bindings :

Bindings for monoskis are same as the general skis's. In the upper photograph, Salomon 897 Composite are installed.

Brakes(Stoppers) :

It is general way that arrange two regular brakes(stoppers), and cut an inside lever and install them to monoski.
The brake of the upper photo is SALOMON's designed for monoskis. A right and left lever is connected with one, and both levers go up only by setting one foot in the binding. This is very convenient when only one foot is attached and it walks and moved with skating. But, this brake for monoski was cancellation of manufacture several years ago, and getting them is very difficult now. However, a leash code can be used instead of the brake in the same way as snowboard, too.

Boots :

Boots for monoskiing are the same as general ski boots. Fitting about the boots and the foot doesn't need to be perfect so much as competition skiing. It is said that there is a manufacturer which designed the boots for monoskiing which installed buckles inside the boots because the buckles may contact a slope by leaning a body by the turn.

Poles :

You can use the general ski poles as the monoskiing. Length is depend on your feeling.

Wear :

In Japan, it is sorted " for skiing " and " for snowboarding ". But, you must not confuse by such a thing. You will only have to put on the favorite one, even if it's for climbing. The gloves are also so.

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