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MonoSki GA!GA!GA!
Japanese MonoSki scene


I bought monoskis from "Snowshark Monoskis" with my friends.
Snowshark Monoskis has shipped our monoskis to Japan by UPS.

Mako 175cm 2000/2001 model
But the top sheet is Tigershark's.
New Makos will be blue and red.

with '98-'99 model Tigershark 188cm

from the left
'98-'99 model Tigershark 175cm
'98-'99 model Tigershark 188cm
'98-'99 model Powdershark 200cm
'95-'96? model Freestyle Funracing 195cm by DURET(Not Snowshark)

"Snowshark Monoskis" has two shops on the web.
Bill Silliman Enterprises
Factory Direct

Confirm the stock and shipping schedule surely.
If it will be sent by UPS, you will get it from KURONEKO-YAMATO in Japan within a week.
Receive your "UPS Shipping Number" from Snowshark by e-mail when it is shipped.
Do an individual import with the self-responsibility!

(C)2000-2003 Pei