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MonoSki GA!GA!GA!
Japanese MonoSki scene


Monoski Manufacturers

[ Japan ]
Short Monoskis
The unique Japanese ski manufacturer that makes Monoskis
[ Worldwide ]
Snowshark Monoskis
Factory Direct
The official website of Snowshark Monoskis
French long-established Monoski Manufacturer has come back at last!
DURET's comeback will be welcomed by the veteran monoskiers in the world.
CODA Boards and Skis
CODA makes Deep V-cut monoskis.
Lunar Board
Monoski with Non release binding

Monoski Shops

[ Japan ]
Alpina Sports /
I think this is the only one shop which displays full-size monoskis in Japan.
Kanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Contact to Mr.Saito,the president, by the mail or the telephone.
Hirano-ku Osaka
[ Worldwide ]
Snowshark Monoskis
Bill Silliman Enterprises
Bill will give you the best advice and quick response.
Chronic Ski Company
The president, Mr. Scott Gordon, will advise on all makers' monoskis.
He was the president of Whiteknuckle.

People and Group

[ Japan ]
Monoski Association of
Japan / BOMBO's page
MAJ : Monoski Association of Japan Official Page
Activities, Schedule, Comp.results, Movies! Movies!
Web master : BOMBO
RiceRocket monoski JAPAN
There are many movies these are Airs and Water jumps.
Web master : RiceRocket
MonoMini Institute
Monoskis and Miniskis(Short skis). Handmade skis etc. Movies!
The Chief : KissMoro
[ Worldwide ]
The Monoski Directory
A famous general Monoski site.
United States Monoski
USMA : United States Monoski Association
Founded in 2002
Association Francaise
de Monoski
French Association of Monoski
GoSki Monoski page
Monoski pages of general ski site
French monoski site , in French and in English
A new Monoski association in Sweden. Available in Swedish or English languages.
die Europaische Monoski Organisation
the European Monoski Organization from Germany.

Message Boards

[ Japan ]
Monoski Communication
BOMBO's Monoskier Message Board, in Japanese
[ Worldwide ]
GoSki Monoski Talk
GoSki Monoskier's Message Board
France's forum , in French
Monoski - Forum
Monoski Magazine Monoskier's Message Board


The Mono Guy
Online Java Game
A world unique funky Monoski Game on the web! Challenge it! and register your score.
Web master Missile is a Real Monoskier.
Ski Japan Guide
(in English)
This site is written in English. It will surely help foreign skiers and snowboarders.
Resorts, hotels, transportations, Japanese phrase, forum etc.
They said "The ultimate guide to skiing and snowboarding in Japan". I think so too.

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